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Product ID: HPTuners-VCM
Manufacturer: HP Tuners
HPTuners VCM Suite Laptop Tuning System Discounts Apply !
Free Standard Shipping (US Domestic 48) Orders Over $150
HPTuners VCM Suite Laptop Tuning System

Horsepower Tuners, Performance at Your Fingertips

HPTuners VCM Suite is designed for both the home enthusiast and the professional tunershop

HP Tuners VCM Suite: includes 8 credits with the purchase (either GM or Ford). See options for Pro, Standard, GM or Ford and additional credits.

The HP Tuners VCM Editor utility is a comprehensive VCM/PCM programmer and parameter editor.
VCM Editors Flash utility allows the user to read the VCM/PCM flash memory and save it to a binary file. The Flash utility allows a valid calibration to be written to the VCM/PCM and also incorporates an automatic VCM/PCM recovery capabilities for ultimate protection against any reflashing problems that may be encountered.

HP Tuners VCM Suite | Horsepower Tuners, Performance at Your Fingertips

The HP Tuners VCM Editor also allows modification of the saved binary image. The VCM Editor allows all parameters such as Spark, Fuel, RPM Limits, FAN Temps, Transmission Shift points and pressures, Speedometer settings and many, many more. The editor provides an easy to use graphical interface and many powerful table manipulation capabilities such as copying, scaling and shifting to name a few.

Where Standard vs. Pro differ is the Pro version offers stand-alone data logging that allows you to scan the car without hauling a computer along with you. The Pro version also accepts 0-5V inputs so that you can log air fuel ratio (or other information) along with your OBD2 parameters. With that said, I would seriously consider the MPVI Pro if you have (or are planning) any sort of modifications to the vehicle(s) you will be tuning as this will allow you to data log your Air Fuel Ratio etc. and display it right along with the parameters logged with HP Tuners Scanner. This eliminates the need to analyze data from a separate software system, or worse yet, write down the AFR at certain RPM and load points. Otherwise, if you will not be modifying the vehicle, the Standard will be more than sufficient.

Both the Pro and Standard come with 8 credits.

HP Tuners VCM Suite | Horsepower Tuners, Performance at Your Fingertips

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 98SE/2000/XP or Better
800 MHz PC or Laptop
256 MB of RAM

So you're probably thinking, what else could there be for a professional tuner? Well, read on...

The VCM Suite has certain features that a professional tuner may find more useful. It includes some of the following extra capabilities.

VCM Editors Flash utility allows not just calibration reflashing and automated recovery, but entire VCM/PCM image reflashing. This means that you are free to make any operating system or calibration level modifications and flash those to the VCM/PCM. This has many uses for the advanced enthusiast, serious tuner or engine swap shop, allowing complete control over the VCM/PCM software environment.

The VCM Editor also allows for increased vehicle support for tuners, and also access to extra VCM/PCM operating system code modifcations. Tuners also have the option to modify VIN's, a useful feature for mail order VCM's.

Protect your tunes with Tunerlock. Only you have the ability to read and write to VCM/PCM's that you have Tunerlocked. Prevent unwanted access to your hard work.

The VCM Scanner utility is a fully featured OBDII scanning and diagnostic tool
It allows viewing, charting and logging of diagnostic data in real time via the vehicle OBDII diagnostic data port. It also allows viewing of vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) and other vehicle information. Built in VCM controls also supported. Command fans, closed loop, gear select, timing, air fuel ratio and more real time! No editor package can be considered complete without comprehensive scan tool capabilities.

VCM Suite is the complete package
These components combine to make VCM Suite the most feature rich, powerful and comprehensive VCM/PCM reprogramming and diagnostics package available on the market today. In addition, our attractive make/model/year based licensing structure makes VCM Suite a clear leader in value for money.

VCM Suite is the ultimate tuning tool designed for your serious tuner and tuner shop.


HPTuners VCM Suite Laptop Tuning System


HPTuners VCM Suite Laptop Tuning System


Horsepower Tuners, Performance at Your Fingertips

The HPTuners VCM Scanner utility is a fully featured OBDII scanning and diagnostic tool.

The HPTuners VCM Scanner utility is a fully featured OBDII scanning and diagnostic tool.

VCM Scanner

The VCM Scanner utility is a fully featured OBDII scanning and diagnostic tool. It also allows viewing of vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) and other vehicle information. Built in VCM controls are also supported.

Available in Standard or Professional version.


HPTuners VCM Suite Laptop Tuning System


HPTuners VCM Suite Laptop Tuning System


How does this "credits" system work?


  • Single vehicle licenses will work only with the specific vehicles VCM you have locked the license to.

  • Year/Model type licenses will work on an unlimited number of vehicles of that particular model and year.

  • Unlimited vehicle group licenses will allow you to tune all vehicles that fall under that vehicle group category.

  • You do not need to know which license method you prefer at the time of order but will be prompted by the software for your selection when you tune the vehicle for the first time. Here is what License Activation looks like.

  • HPTuner VCM Suite is designed to work for vehicles off of the show room floor with stock calibrations. If your vehicle is a hybrid or has a physically different PCM/VCM than it originally came with your vehicle might not be supported.

Why a credit based system?

A credit based licensing system gives great flexibility and freedom to the customer. In many ways it is just like a prepaid cell phone, you are in complete control of how you use and purchase your credits. Credits are used for all aspects of licensing with the new MPVI interface, including single vehicle (VIN), year/model (vehicle type) and special tunershop packages. For customers who add new vehicles or licenses frequently, the addition of new vehicles/credits is a very streamlined process and requires no software download.

Some of the benefits of the credit system:

  • Product ships with free credits, no need to specify license type at order.

  • Addition of credits via simple web based process. No software downloads.

  • Easy to use, menu based system for using credits on various license types.

  • License what you want, when you want.

  • Can keep a credit reserve, "just in case", no waiting for licenses on unusual vehicles.

  • New single vehicle (VIN) licenses in addition to traditional year/model based.

  • Suits all business models, home enthusiast, weekend tuner, small tunershop and large tuner shop/manufacturer.

This new system also helps HP Tuners move to a more flexible software structure, the end result of which is more end user features, easier upgrade distribution and faster development times.

What is a credit?

A credit, or more precisely, the current number of available credits is the determining factor on what licenses you can select. Each license type has an associated number of credits that are required to activate it. As an example, when you first purchase VCM Suite, it ships with 8 credits. You could use these credits to license four LS1 Single vehicles or two LS2 vehicles, or 2 x LS1 and 1 x LS2 etc. If you do not have enough credits to activate the desired license you must purchase and add more credits. Eg. If you have 4 existing credits and wish to activate an LS1 year/model license (requires 6 credits) you would need to purchase at least 2 additional credits before that option would be available. Overall, the credit is the basic measure of what licenses you can and can't activate at any time.

Are there different types of credits?

Yes. At present only GM & Ford Credits are available. In the future Dodge credits will be available. Credits cannot be shared between application types. ie. GM credits could not be used to license Ford vehicles and vice versa.

How do I add more credits?

Adding credits is a simple process. To purchase and add new credits:

  1. You must be an existing customer with MPVI interface to purchase new credits.

  2. Go to our Additional HP Tuners Credits page (click the link).

  3. Enter the number of additional credits you would like to purchase in the boxes.

  4. Enter the serial number of your MPVI Interface

  5. A new software application key will be emailed to you as soon as your order is processed. (Note: this is not fully automated so there will be some processing delay.).

  6. Once you receive your new application key, enter it into the VCM Suite software and the additional credits will be activated.

How can I tell how many credits I have now?

VCM Suite provide two ways to view your existing credit information, the License Info form and also the VCM Suite Info.

The License Info form presents a clear listing of all your existing licenses, a summary of your credits and also provides a list of all higher level licenses that Upgrade Credits are contributing to. It is accessed by selecting "Help -> License Info" from the main menubar.

Credit FAQ

In the example below we can see the user has 12 GM total credits, used 2 credits to license a 2001 Firebird/Camaro Single Vehicle and has 10 remaining GM credits.

Credit FAQ

We can also see that upgrade credits are contributing 1 credit towards the 2001 Firebird/Camaro Year/Model license, reducing it to a cost of 5 credits. The next time the user tries to license a 2001 Firebird/Camaro they will be prompted with 5 credits required for the Year/Model license.

Credit FAQ

VCM Suite Info lists all important aspects of your software and hardware package, including the number of credits available and licenses used. It is not the main method of accessing the License Info but can be accessed by selecting "Help -> VCM Suite Info" or by clicking the white "i" callout box icon on the toolbar.

How many credits do I need for a particular license?

The credit system is very flexible and the number of credits required to license a particular vehicle depends on the vehicle and the license type required. As an example, to license a Single Vehicle V6 requires 2 credits, but to license unlimited Gen III V8 cars requires 30 credits.

For a complete listing of credit requirements please see the Supported Vehicles tab (at the top of this section).

Also, remember that Upgrade Credits continually reduce the cost of the next higher applicable license, see question 5 and 9 for more details.

How do I license a vehicle?

Licensing a vehicle is a simple process that is done when you try to access a PCM that isn't currently licensed. The software will prompt you with a number of options (see below) depending on the vehicle you are connected to. You then choose the desired option and click the commit button. The appropriate amount of credits will be deducted from your existing credit count.

Credit FAQ


Can I delete licenses or swap them for another vehicle?

No. Once licenses are chosen and committed, they are permanently stored and cannot be erased or swapped.

What can I do with the 8 free credits on initial purchase?

When you first purchase VCM Suite, you receive 8 credits as part of the base package. These credits can be used any combination requiring a total of 8 or less credits, or additional credits can be purchased as well. The system is totally flexible and over time as HP Tuners adds new vehicle support or additional licensed enhancements, credits are used to add that capability to the customer feature set.

Enthusiast with one LS1 vehicle, intake mods, running speed density tune:
- Single Vehicle LS1 license (2 credits)
- Single Vehicle VCM Enhancement (2 credits)
- 4 credits spare (eg. decides to fit a supercharger in future, can go to 2 or 3 bar Speed Density on this vehicle at no additional charge)

Enthusiast with one LS1 vehicle, one LS2 vehicle:
- Single Vehicle LS1 license (2 credits)
- Single Vehicle LS2 license (2 credits)
- 4 credits spare (eg. could license a friends LS1 car/truck and another friends LS2 car/truck)

What are Bulk Credit Discounts?

Flash Tuner / HP Tuners offers discounted rates for large credit purchases, the more credits your purchase in a single order the higher the discount. Bulk credits discounts are especially applicable to tuner shops looking to get support for a large amount of year/model licenses or packages such as GenIII V8 Car/Truck or V6.

What's the difference between the HP Tuners MPVI Std and MPVI Pro Interface Differences
We sell 2 hardware models with the HPTuners VCM Suite package. Please read up on both and make sure of what you need, upgrading from standard to pro after the purchase is a bit of a hassle and it's not cheap at $289

What does the HP Tuners MPVI Pro interface allow me to do over the Standard Version?
With our HPTuners Pro interface, you can integrate 0-5v signals from various sensors such as EGT, Wide Band, fuel pressure and others right into our scanner. You will have real time data from those sensors right next to your standard scan tool data such as TPS, RPM, MPH, etc.

Our HPTuners MPVI Pro interface also has black box data datalogging for select vehicles of up to 1hr 30mins built in. What this means is you are able to scan your vehicle without the use of a laptop using the interfaces record button. You can then take the interface into your home to transfer the log contents from the interface to the computer. If you have an HPTuners MPVI Pro it will require no hardware modification. Also note that HPTuners VCM Scanner comes with both interfaces regardless as it is part of our VCM Suite package.

Can I buy a wide band sensor and simply plug it in?
No. You need a wide band kit that supplies a 0-5v output. You will plug the output from your wide band controller into our interface.

Is a Wideband Sensor & Controller included with the HP Tuners MPVI Pro?
No. You would need to purchase this separately from a company such as Innovate Motorsports, PLX, AEM, Etc.

How many external devices can I have with the HP Tuners MPVI Pro?
We have provisions for 4 external devices that use a 0-5v output signal.

I am a current customer with HP Tuners VCM Suite but I want the new HP Tuners MPVI Pro interface, how do I buy it?
HPTuners MPVI Pro (Enhanced I/O) Upgrade Process

Does the HP Tuners Standard MPVI come with the scanner too?
Yes it comes with the hardware, the same scanner the pro comes with & the same editor package as the pro comes with.

Does the HP Tuners Standard MPVI come with the same amount of credits as the Pro MPVI?
Yes, both the HPTuners Standard & Pro Version come with 8 credits.

How much would it cost to upgrade from the HP Tuners Standard MPVI to the HP Tuners Pro MPVI if I decided to upgrade later?
$289+shipping |  This is done directly with HPTuners so we'll need to put you in touch with them if you need an upgrade.


NOTE:  The HP Tuners Tech Support Staff maintain a very active and up to date Forum with a "Frequently Asked Questions" system here at this link.   Please feel free to use this resource to enhance your experience with using this great tool.


HPTuners VCM Suite Laptop Tuning System


HPTuners VCM Suite Laptop Tuning System


Additional enhancements available for HP Tuners Laptop System

HP Tuner Real Time Tuning (RTT™)

Applications: 1999+ Gen3 V8 (Most Operating Systems)

Licensing to add RTT:

Single Vehicle:

2 Credits

Unlimited Vehicle Group:

20 Credits

RTT™ is an enhanced operating system that allows real time modification of selected parameters in the PCM's calibration. Parameters are updated via customized OBD2 commands in real time using the existing OBD2 port. No need to remove the PCM or run any separate cabling. The user can select various operation "modes" that defines which tables are enabled for RTT™. The RTT™ system is primarily controlled by VCM Scanner and, when enabled, tables can be modified in real time via the integrated RTT™ user interface. After tuning is complete, the final tune can be written to the PCM and stored permanently using regular editor processes.

HP Tuners RTT™ is an excellent way to tune selected vehicle parameters in real time, without the high cost and inconvenience of dedicated hardware solutions.

HP Tuner Laptop System Real Time Tuning
2bar and 3bar Speed Density

Applications: 1998+ Gen3 V8 (Most Operating Systems)
The enhancement is designed for the serious forced induction enthusiast who is struggling to make the stock PCM do everything that is needed at the racetrack and is tired of using the various VCM "tricking" techniques during the tuning process. HP Tuners has spent months of in-house and external testing and development time, utilizing some of the worlds best forced induction tuning houses as beta testers to make sure the features meet the requirements for both supercharged and turbocharged applications.

HP Tuner Laptop System Real Time Tuning
The 2bar Speed Density enhancement includes:

- 2bar MAP support (calibration capability for 0-5V linear sensors)
- Retains 5 kPa resolution in non-boost regions (2bar pre 04/05)
- 5 kPa resolution in boost regions (2bar pre 04/05)
- 10 kPa resolution in boost regions (2bar and 3bar post 04/05)
- Secondary VE table not used (if applicable)
- New MAP referenced "Boost Enrich" table
- New openloop MAP threshold
- Dual (High and Low Octane) Spark table support
- Speed Density mode only
- VCM Scanner histogram automatically recognizes and adjusts for 2bar/3bar feature
- New 2bar/3bar MAP PID for VCM Scanner

HP Tuner Laptop System Real Time Tuning
2.5 bar Speed Density

Applications: GenIV V8 (E40 ECM only) (Most Operating Systems)
HP Tuners brings speed density forced induction tuning to the GenIV engine! Announcing, 2.5 bar Speed Density enhancement for GenIV engines equipped with the E40 ECM. This enhancement is a must for any serious forced induction setup, leveraging the proven track record, experience and features of HP Tuners 2 and 3bar enhancements for the LS1.

This enhancement contains the following features:

- 2.5 bar max MAP support (calibrate for 0-5V linear sensors)
- New Boost VE table from 105-255 kPa (2.5 bar or 22.5 psi boost)
- Retains stock VE table resolution in non-boost regions
- better than 5 kPa resolution in boost regions (105 kPa - 255 kPa)
- New MAP referenced "Boost Enrich" table in 5 kPa increments
- New Boost Enrich MAP threshold
- Speed Density mode only
- Rescaled fan temperature axis 163-250F (73-121C), stock is 192-250F (89-121C)
- VCM Scanner histogram for Boost VE table included in histogram library

HP Tuner Laptop System Real Time Tuning
1 bar Speed Density Enhanced

Applications: 1999+ Gen3 V8 (Most Operating Systems)
This enhancement is designed to aid in tuning vehicles operating in speed density mode (MAF-less). It includes a re-enabling of the dual spark table operation and also a TPS/RPM referenced VE table modifier feature designed in co-operation with some of the worlds leading LS1 speed density tuners. This new table is designed to assist in tuning of very large camshafts and intake designs that lose a lot of MAP resolution and/or have very narrow MAP dynamic range during idle and cruise transitions. It allows for traditional SD tuning methods, Alpha-N (TPS vs. RPM) methods or a mix of both to achieve the optimum tuning result. Another feature of the Speed Density Enhanced option is the lesser resolution secondary VE table is not used when in speed density mode.

HP Tuner Laptop System Real Time Tuning
The 1bar Speed Density Enhanced option includes:

- Speed Density mode only
- Dual (High and Low Octane) Spark table support
- new VE Multiplier vs. TPS vs. RPM table, with non-linear TPS resolution and RPM resolution
- Secondary VE table not used (if applicable)

1 bar Speed Density Enhanced in action...
Here's an example of the advanced capabilities of the 1bar Speed Density Enhanced option in use on a large camshaft naturally aspirated stroker engine fitted with an 8 throttle body intake (courtesy Sam's Performance). This engine exhibits the classic symptom of a large duration (270+), sub 108 lobe center camshaft: low idle vacuum. It also shows erratic and fast moving MAP readings, where just 2-3% throttle application results in MAP heading over 80kPa even at substantial engine speeds. This results in similar zones of the VE table being hit under different driving conditions and also gives very little tuning freedom for fueling in the available MAP ranges. This is where the new VE Multiplier table plays an important role. The new VE Multiplier table adds throttle position as a new dimension to tuning these engines. You can now adjust the VE table result at different TPS and RPM conditions and therefore eliminate troublesome fueling issues.

"With this feature from HP Tuners I can make even the wildest naturally aspirated engines behave on the street. Fueling issues that create drivability and idle quality compromises are definitely a thing of the past."

Sam (owner Sam's Performance, Sydney, Australia)


HPTuners VCM Suite Laptop Tuning System


HPTuners VCM Suite Laptop Tuning System


HPTuners Application Coverage:

Year Make Model Engine
1998-2005 BUICK Century 3.1L
2008-2008 BUICK Enclave 3.6L
2005-2008 BUICK LaCrosse 3.6L
2008-2009 BUICK LaCrosse 5.3L
1997-2005 BUICK Lesabre 3.8L
2009-2011 BUICK Lucerne 3.9L
2006-2009 BUICK Lucerne 4.6L
1997-2005 BUICK Park Avenue 3.8L
2004-2007 BUICK Rainier 4.2L
2004-2007 BUICK Rainier 5.3L
2004-2004 BUICK Rendevous 3.4L
2004-2006 BUICK Rendevous 3.6L
2012-2012 BUICK Regal 2.4L
1997-2004 BUICK Regal 3.8L
1997-1999 BUICK Riviera 3.8L
1997-1998 BUICK Skylark 2.4L
2004-2007 CADILLAC CTS 2.8L
2004-2012 CADILLAC CTS 3.6L
2004-2005 CADILLAC CTS 5.7L
2006-2012 CADILLAC CTS 6.0L
2006-2012 CADILLAC CTS 6.2L
2004-2005 CADILLAC CTS-V 5.7L
2006-2012 CADILLAC CTS-V 6.0L
2008-2012 CADILLAC CTS-V 6.2L
2006-2008 CADILLAC BLS 3.6L
2006-2009 CADILLAC DTS 4.6L
2002-2006 CADILLAC Escalade 5.3L
2007-2013 CADILLAC Escalade 6.2L
1999-2000 CADILLAC Escalade 5.7L
2004-2008 CADILLAC SRX 3.6L
2012-2012 CADILLAC SRX 3.6L
2007-2009 CADILLAC SRX 4.6L
2005-2007 CADILLAC STS 3.6L
2006-2010 CADILLAC STS 4.4L
2007-2010 CADILLAC STS 4.6L
2006-2009 CADILLAC XLR 4.4L
2007-2009 CADILLAC XLR 4.6L
2007-2008 CHEVROLET Acadia 3.6L
2012-2012 CHEVROLET Acadia 3.6L
1998-2005 CHEVROLET Astro 4.3L
2002-2013 CHEVROLET Avalanche 5.3L
2007-2013 CHEVROLET Avalanche 6.0L
2002-2006 CHEVROLET Avalanche 8.1L
1998-2005 CHEVROLET Blazer 4.3L
2012-2012 CHEVROLET Camaro 3.6L
1997-2002 CHEVROLET Camaro 3.8L
2010-2013 CHEVROLET Camaro 6.2L
1998-2002 CHEVROLET Camaro 5.7L
1998-2002 CHEVROLET Camaro SS 5.7L
2010-2013 CHEVROLET Camaro SS 6.2L
1998-2002 CHEVROLET Camaro Z28 5.7L
2010-2013 CHEVROLET Camaro Z28 6.2L
2012-2012 CHEVROLET Captiva 2.4L
1997-2005 CHEVROLET Cavalier 2.2L
1997-2005 CHEVROLET Cavalier 2.4L
2005-2010 CHEVROLET Cobalt 2.0L
2007-2010 CHEVROLET Cobalt 2.2L
2005-2010 CHEVROLET Cobalt 2.4L
2004-2011 CHEVROLET Colorado 2.8L
2004-2011 CHEVROLET Colorado 2.9L
2004-2012 CHEVROLET Colorado 3.5L
2004-2012 CHEVROLET Colorado 3.7L
2009-2012 CHEVROLET Colorado 5.3L
1997-2004 CHEVROLET Corvette 5.7L
2005-2013 CHEVROLET Corvette 6.0L
2005-2013 CHEVROLET Corvette 6.2L
2005-2013 CHEVROLET Corvette 7.0L
2011-2012 CHEVROLET Cruze 1.4L
2007-2009 CHEVROLET Equinox 3.4L
1998-2010 CHEVROLET Express 4.3L
2006-2010 CHEVROLET HHR 2.0L
2006-2010 CHEVROLET HHR 2.4L
2001-2013 CHEVROLET Express 4.8L
1998-2000 CHEVROLET Express 5.0L
2001-2013 CHEVROLET Express 5.3L
1998-2007 CHEVROLET Express 5.7L
2001-2013 CHEVROLET Express 6.0L
2001-2010 CHEVROLET Express 6.6L
1998-2000 CHEVROLET Express 7.4L
2001-2007 CHEVROLET Express 8.1L
2000-2005 CHEVROLET Impala 3.4L
2006-2011 CHEVROLET Impala 3.5L
2000-2005 CHEVROLET Impala 3.8L
2006-2011 CHEVROLET Impala 3.9L
2006-2009 CHEVROLET Impala 5.3L
2006-2009 CHEVROLET Impala SS 5.3L
1998-2001 CHEVROLET Jimmy 4.3L
2006-2010 CHEVROLET Kodiak 6.6L
2006-2009 CHEVROLET Kodiak 8.1L
1997-2001 CHEVROLET Lumina 3.1L
1997-2001 CHEVROLET Lumina 3.4L
1997-2001 CHEVROLET Lumina 3.8L
1997-2005 CHEVROLET Malibu 2.2L
1997-2005 CHEVROLET Malibu 2.4L
1997-2003 CHEVROLET Malibu 3.1L
1997-2003 CHEVROLET Malibu 3.4L
2006-2010 CHEVROLET Malibu 3.5L
2007-2010 CHEVROLET Malibu 3.6L
2006-2010 CHEVROLET Malibu 3.9L
1997-2005 CHEVROLET Monte Carlo 3.1L
1997-2005 CHEVROLET Monte Carlo 3.4L
2006-2007 CHEVROLET Monte Carlo 3.5L
1997-2005 CHEVROLET Monte Carlo 3.8L
2006-2007 CHEVROLET Monte Carlo 3.9L
2006-2007 CHEVROLET Monte Carlo 5.3L
2006-2007 CHEVROLET Monte Carlo SS 5.3L
1997-2003 CHEVROLET S10 Pickup 2.2L
1998-2004 CHEVROLET S10 Pickup 4.3L
1998-2010 CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 4.3L
1998-2000 CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 5.0L
1999-2013 CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 4.8L
1999-2013 CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 5.3L
1998-2007 CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 5.7L
1999-2013 CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 6.0L
2007-2013 CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 6.2L
1998-2000 CHEVROLET Silverado 1500 7.4L
1999-2007 CHEVROLET Silverado 2500 5.3L
1999-2007 CHEVROLET Silverado 2500 6.0L
2001-2010 CHEVROLET Silverado 2500 6.6L
1998-2000 CHEVROLET Silverado 2500 7.4L
2001-2007 CHEVROLET Silverado 2500 8.1L
1999-2007 CHEVROLET Silverado 2500 6.0L
2007-2013 CHEVROLET Silverado 2500 6.2L
2001-2007 CHEVROLET Silverado 2500 8.1L
2007-2010 CHEVROLET Silverado 3500 6.0L
2001-2010 CHEVROLET Silverado 3500 6.6L
2001-2010 CHEVROLET Silverado 4500 6.6L
2012-2013 CHEVROLET Sonic 1.4L
2003-2004 CHEVROLET SSR 5.3L
2005-2006 CHEVROLET SSR 6.0L
2000-2013 CHEVROLET Suburban 4.8L
2000-2013 CHEVROLET Suburban 5.3L
1998-2007 CHEVROLET Suburban 5.7L
2000-2013 CHEVROLET Suburban 6.0L
2007-2013 CHEVROLET Suburban 6.2L
1998-2000 CHEVROLET Suburban 7.4L
2001-2007 CHEVROLET Suburban 8.1L
2000-2013 CHEVROLET Tahoe 4.8L
2000-2013 CHEVROLET Tahoe 5.3L
1998-2000 CHEVROLET Tahoe 5.7L
2007-2013 CHEVROLET Tahoe 6.2L
2004-2004 CHEVROLET Tiltmaster 6.0L
2002-2010 CHEVROLET Trailblazer 4.2L
2003-2013 CHEVROLET Trailblazer 5.3L
2005-2010 CHEVROLET Trailblazer 6.0L
2012-2012 CHEVROLET Traverse 3.6L
1999-2002 CHEVROLET Venture 3.4L
2007-2009 CHEVROLET Uplander 3.9L
2005-2010 FORD F-150 4.6L
2005-2010 FORD F-150 5.4L
2005-2010 FORD Mustang 4.6L
2005-2010 FORD Mustang 5.4L
2005-2010 FORD Mustang GT 4.6L
2005-2010 FORD Mustang GT 5.4L
2002-2012 FORD BA (Australian) 4.0L
2002-2012 FORD BA (Australian) 5.4L
2002-2012 FORD BF (Australian) 4.0L
2002-2012 FORD BF (Australian) 5.4L
2002-2012 FORD FG (Australian) 4.0L
2002-2012 FORD FG (Australian) 5.0L
2002-2012 FORD FG (Australian) 5.4L
2004-2011 GMC Canyon 2.8L
2004-2011 GMC Canyon 2.9L
2004-2012 GMC Canyon 3.5L
2004-2012 GMC Canyon 3.7L
2009-2009 GMC Canyon 5.3L
2002-2010 GMC Envoy 4.2L
2003-2010 GMC Envoy 5.3L
1998-2005 GMC Safari 4.3L
1998-2010 GMC Savana 4.3L
2001-2013 GMC Savana 4.8L
1998-2000 GMC Savana 5.0L
2001-2013 GMC Savana 5.3L
1998-2007 GMC Savana 5.7L
2001-2013 GMC Savana 6.0L
2006-2010 GMC Savana 6.6L
1998-2000 GMC Savana 7.4L
2001-2007 GMC Savana 8.1L
1998-2010 GMC Sierra 1500 4.3L
1999-2013 GMC Sierra 1500 4.8L
1998-2000 GMC Sierra 1500 5.0L
1999-2013 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3L
1998-2007 GMC Sierra 1500 5.7L
1999-2013 GMC Sierra 1500 6.0L
2007-2013 GMC Sierra 1500 6.2L
1998-2000 GMC Sierra 1500 7.4L
2001-2007 GMC Sierra 1500 8.1L
1999-2013 GMC Sierra 2500 5.3L
1999-2007 GMC Sierra 2500 5.7L
1999-2013 GMC Sierra 2500 6.0L
2007-2013 GMC Sierra 2500 6.2L
1998-2000 GMC Sierra 2500 7.4L
2001-2010 GMC Sierra 2500 6.6L
2001-2007 GMC Sierra 2500 8.1L
1999-2013 GMC Sierra 3500 6.0L
2007-2013 GMC Sierra 3500 6.2L
2001-2010 GMC Sierra 3500 6.6L
2001-2007 GMC Sierra 3500 8.1L
1997-2002 GMC Sonoma 2.2L
1998-2004 GMC Sonoma 4.3L
2001-2010 GMC Topkick 6.6L
2006-2009 GMC Topkick 8.1L
2000-2013 GMC Yukon 4.8L
2000-2013 GMC Yukon 5.3L
1998-2006 GMC Yukon 5.7L
2000-2013 GMC Yukon 6.0L
2007-2013 GMC Yukon 6.2L
1998-2000 GMC Yukon 7.4L
2001-2010 GMC Yukon 6.6L
2000-2006 GMC Yukon 8.1L
2000-2013 GMC Yukon XL 4.8L
2000-2013 GMC Yukon XL 5.3L
1998-2006 GMC Yukon XL 5.7L
2000-2013 GMC Yukon XL 6.0L
2007-2013 GMC Yukon XL 6.2L
1998-2000 GMC Yukon XL 7.4L
2001-2010 GMC Yukon XL 6.6L
2000-2006 GMC Yukon XL 8.1L
2005-2008 HOLDEN Commodore 3.6L
1999-2005 HOLDEN Commodore 5.7L
2005-2006 HOLDEN Commodore 6.0L
2006-2006 HOLDEN Commodore 6.0L
2001-2005 HOLDEN Monaro 5.7L
2005-2005 HOLDEN Monaro 6.0L
2006-2006 HOLDEN Sedan 5.7L
2007-2013 HOLDEN Sedan 6.0L
2007-2013 HOLDEN Sedan 6.2L
2005-2008 HOLDEN Non-Sedan (Ute, Wagon, Coupe) 3.6L
2006-2006 HOLDEN Non-Sedan (Ute, Wagon, Coupe) 5.7L
2007-2012 HOLDEN Non-Sedan (Ute, Wagon, Coupe) 6.0L
2007-2012 HOLDEN Non-Sedan (Ute, Wagon, Coupe) 6.2L
2006-2006 HUMMER H1 6.6L
2003-2007 HUMMER H2 6.0L
2008-2009 HUMMER H2 6.2L
2006-2010 HUMMER H3 Alpha 3.5L
2006-2010 HUMMER H3T Alpha 3.5L
2006-2010 HUMMER H3 Alpha 3.7L
2006-2010 HUMMER H3T Alpha 3.7L
2008-2010 HUMMER H3 Alpha 5.3L
2008-2010 HUMMER H3T Alpha 5.3L
2003-2007 ISUZU Ascender 4.2L
2003-2006 ISUZU Ascender 5.3L
1997-2000 ISUZU Hombre 2.2L
2006-2006 ISUZU I-350 3.5L
2007-2007 ISUZU I-370 3.7L
2008-2008 ISUZU NPR 6.0L
2001-2007 ISUZU Workhorse 5.7L
2001-2007 ISUZU Workhorse 8.1L
1997-1998 OLDSMOBILE Achieva 2.4L
1999-2004 OLDSMOBILE Alero 2.2L
1999-2004 OLDSMOBILE Alero 2.4L
1999-2004 OLDSMOBILE Alero 3.4L
2002-2004 OLDSMOBILE Bravada 4.2L
1998-2001 OLDSMOBILE Bravada 4.3L
1998-2003 OLDSMOBILE Silhouette 3.4L
2008-2009 Opel GT 2.0L
1997-2005 PONTIAC Bonneville 3.8L
1997-2002 PONTIAC Firebird 3.8L
1998-2002 PONTIAC Firebird 5.7L
2007-2010 PONTIAC G5 2.2L
2006-2010 PONTIAC G5 2.4L
2006-2010 PONTIAC G6 2.4L
2007-2009 PONTIAC G6 3.5L
2006-2009 PONTIAC G6 3.6L
2006-2009 PONTIAC G6 3.9L
2010-2010 PONTIAC G8 3.6L
2008-2009 PONTIAC G8 6.0L
2008-2009 PONTIAC G8 6.2L
1997-2005 PONTIAC Grand Am 2.2L
1997-2005 PONTIAC Grand Am 2.4L
1997-2005 PONTIAC Grand Am 3.1L
1997-2005 PONTIAC Grand Am 3.4L
1997-2005 PONTIAC Grand Prix 3.1L
1997-2008 PONTIAC Grand Prix 3.8L
2005-2009 PONTIAC Grand Prix 5.3L
2004-2004 PONTIAC GTO 5.7L
2005-2006 PONTIAC GTO 6.0L
1997-2005 PONTIAC Montana 3.4L
1997-2005 PONTIAC Montana 3.9L
2006-2009 PONTIAC Solstice 2.0L
2006-2009 PONTIAC Solstice GXP 2.0L
2006-2009 PONTIAC Solstice 2.4L
1997-2005 PONTIAC Sunfire 2.2L
1997-2005 PONTIAC Sunfire 2.4L
2007-2009 PONTIAC Torrent 3.4L
1998-2002 PONTIAC Trans Am 5.7L
2006-2009 SAAB 9-3 2.8L
2005-2009 SAAB 9-7X 4.2L
2005-2009 SAAB 9-7X 5.3L
2005-2009 SAAB 9-7X 6.0L
2008-2009 SATURN Aura 2.4L
2007-2009 SATURN Aura 3.5L
2007-2009 SATURN Aura 3.6L
2004-2007 SATURN Ion 2.0L
2007-2007 SATURN Ion 2.2L
2004-2007 SATURN Ion 2.4L
2000-2004 SATURN L-Series 2.2L
2000-2004 SATURN L-Series 2.4L
2007-2008 SATURN Outlook 3.6L
2007-2009 SATURN Sky 2.0L
2007-2009 SATURN Sky 2.4L
2007-2009 SATURN Sky Redline 2.0L
2008-2009 SATURN Vue 2.4L
2009-2009 SATURN Vue 3.5L
2013-2013 VAUXHALL Astra 1.4L
2007-2007 VAUXHALL Vectra 2.5L
2007-2007 VAUXHALL Vectra 2.8L
CTEK MUS 25000 Professional Battery MaintainerCTEK MUS 25000 Professional Battery Maintainer - $259.70
Any shop which offers reflashing / reprogramming would be remiss in their duties to NOT have a high quality professional battery maintainer to keep the battery at full power and with clean voltage.  Whether your performing factory OEM module programming via J2534 or custom tuning with HPTuners, EFILive, Sniper, Tactrix or Evoscan;   All agree that a professional high quality current must be maintained on the vehicle battery throughout the process. The CTEK MULTI US 25000 (Part No. 56-674) is an 8-step, fully automatic primary switch mode professional battery charger / maintainer. A powerful charger for 12V batteries that require rapid charging such as in garages, RV’s, boats and of course cars. Unlike old traditional battery chargers CTEK chargers are designed with focus on simplicity, safety and flexibility.
OBD2 Replacement Cable for HP Tuners MPVIOBD2 Replacement Cable for HP Tuners MPVI - $39.00
OBD2 Replacement Cable for HP Tuners MPVI interface (please do not try to order this for use with anything other than HP Tuners MPVI)
HP Tuners GM Credit (1) for the VCM Suite Tuning PackageHP Tuners GM Credit (1) for the VCM Suite Tuning Package - $45.00
HP Tuners GM Credit for the VCM Suite Tuning Package, (Priced in less than 100 Qty).
HP Tuners Ford Credit (1) for the VCM Suite Tuning PackageHP Tuners Ford Credit (1) for the VCM Suite Tuning Package - $45.00
HP Tuners Ford Credit for the VCM Suite Tuning Package, (Priced in less than 100 Qty).
Add CTEK Battery Maintainer: No Thanks, I have one
Yes, Add the professional charger (+$259.00)
Price: $499.00
531.83 AUD 536.77 CAD 370.16 EUR

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